Melana // Borrego Springs

// Last month I planned a Girl’s weekend out in Borrego Springs, which is becoming one of my favorite places to escape to. I rented a house and invited some of my favorite ladies to get away with me and relax…and also said I’d be up for doing some fun shoots while we were there. I’ve been so busy since coming back that I’m just now getting around to sharing them. Today is the 3rd of 3 that I’ll be sharing; Part 1 of Christina and Part 2 of Janelle can be viewed by clicking their name!  //

Melana is well known in our circle of friends for her incredible gift of puns. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, she’s ready with an arsenal of puny jokes for you. But while she can be silly, and I have certainly shared quite a few belly laughs with this one, the true gift of Melana’s friendship is her heart. She’s one of those friends that not only asks how you’re doing- how you’re REALLY doing- but she’ll stay by your side and literally scratch your back as you pour your heart out. This girl has also spent YEARS of her life serving others across the world, and often under circumstances that most of us wouldn’t exactly enjoy, because she cannot sit idly by and watch injustice happen. She’s well educated on the things she is passionate about, and if she gets inspired to help or create or go on a random adventure, there is no stopping her. We’ve traveled, laughed, cried, prayed, and shared many many many stories of our lack of gracefulness over the years. She also happens to be one of those women who apparently has zero idea of what a babe she is (as is the case with every woman I have ever photographed, but more on that another day) and I was just awestruck at what a friggin model she was! We actually started shooting in our Air BNB rental, then wandered around under the HOT desert sun. We ended just after high noon, which can be a challenging time in regards to light, but I looooove what we captured! Thanks for being a babe, Melana!

WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-6WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-16 copyWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-21WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-23WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-25WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-41WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-46WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-54WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-55 copyWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-60WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-67 copyWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-69WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-73WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-74


WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-90WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-93 copyWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-110 copy

For this next look, I wanted to do something a little bolder and just have some fun! Melana was admittedly a little nervous, but trusted my inspiration and I’m SO glad we just went for it, and she absolutely rocked it with confidence! Proof that it is okay to step outside the box when styling your outfit for a shoot. What I LOVE about this look is that it’s more covered up than what you’d see on the beach (or heck, even walking down the street some days) but still spices it up a little and brings an element of sass and fun!

WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-125WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-133WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-139 copyWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-148WEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-172


NEWWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-179 copy






NEWWEBMelana-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-238 copy

If you’ve followed along with these Borrego Springs shoots, thank you so much! I absolutely loved getting to play in the desert. If you’re interested in having your photos taken somewhere adventurous, PLEASE let me know. No need to always stay close to home. Let’s make your shoot memorable and personal and FUN!

PS- Huge thank you to my friend Gretchen for lending us some of these beautiful clothes to play with, and for constantly being a style inspiration and all around incredible friend!


Janelle // Borrego Springs

//Last month I planned a Girl’s weekend out in Borrego Springs, which is becoming one of my favorite places to escape to. I rented a house and invited some of my favorite ladies to get away with me and relax…and also said I’d be up for doing some fun shoots while we were there. I’ve been so busy since coming back that I’m just now getting around to sharing them. Today is the second of 3 that I’ll be sharing//

::If you already saw the 1st Borrego Springs shoot, of the beautiful Christina, you saw a snippet of Janelle at the end!::

Janelle was one of those people that I knew of for a while before I actually got to know her. Our paths had sort of overlapped, but not totally. We have loads of mutual friends, but had never actually hung out. I had seen her play in the worship band at church, and new she  sounded like a wonderful girl, but hadn’t had a conversation with her. Until a few months ago. And now we end up at the same events, we go to the same bible studies… she’s everywhere! Haha. Luckily, I really enjoy her company! In preparing this post I was trying to think of words that describe her, and I came up with 3 that pretty much sum up what I know of her: Serene, Joyful, Genuine. I don’t think I have ever seen her even so much as flustered, she truly has such a serene spirit and is ready to just go with the flow. If you get the chance to talk with her, there is a great chance you’ll end up laughing together, and when that happens she really does just light up. And overall she is absolutely genuine, not a fake bone in her body!

Janelle, thanks for FINALLY becoming my friend! Ha! And thank you for waking up at the “butt crack of dawn” (a saying we apparently both use) to wander around in the glowing desert and model for me. You were so easy to photograph and you are such a beautiful girl! So glad the second shack we found DIDN’T have a creepy guy in it!

WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-6WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-5WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-9WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-13WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-19WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-31WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-33WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-23 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-24WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-25WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-26WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-41WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-43WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-44WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-50 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-56WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-53 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-51WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-73WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-75 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-68WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-84WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-92WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-102WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-106WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-112WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-108WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-116WEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-126 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-130 copyWEBJanelle-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-133

Check back on Monday for the 3rd and final shoot from our Girls’ Weekend in Borrego Springs!

PS- Thanks again to Gretchen for lending us beautiful clothes and jewelry to play with! XO

Christina // Borrego Springs

//Last month I planned a Girl’s weekend out in Borrego Springs, which is becoming one of my favorite places to escape to. I rented a house and invited some of my favorite ladies to get away with me and relax…and also said I’d be up for doing some fun shoots while we were there. I’ve been so busy since coming back that I’m just now getting around to sharing them. Today is the first of 3 that I’ll be sharing//

13 years ago I sat in a room next to my friend Rebecca waiting for the College Group at our church to start. The girl sitting in front of us turned around with a big smile, wearing a floppy hat, and cheerily introduced herself. When I told her my name she said, “Wait a minute. You know Brandon, right!? I was supposed to meet him here tonight but he flaked on me!” Rebecca and I had been friends with Brandon since Jr High, and Christina knew him from High School so she recognized my name. We called him, explained that we were all there, and that he better get his butt there or else! And the rest is history!

Christina is one of the most talented and generous people I know. She can pick up just about any instrument and play it like she’s taken lessons her whole life. If you’re having a hard day she’s always quick to listen and responds with such kindness. And if you need to laugh, she’s your girl. We’ve had SO many ridiculously silly late nights- in fact, we sometimes lovingly refer to her as a time vortex, because before you know it it’s 2am and you have no idea how it got to be so late. Time flies when you’re having fun… with Christina. And not only is she wonderful, she just happens to be incredibly graceful and beautiful. It’s always interesting photographing your closest friends, because a new side of them comes out. And with Christina, it was a sassy supermodel that I LOVED photographing! Okay, Okay! Enough blabbing…here she is, ladies and gentlemen!

WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-6WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-12WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-17WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-21WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-25WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-35 copyWEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-40WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-42WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-44WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-45WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-57WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-68WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-70



WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-102 copyWEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-103WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-105 copyWEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-107WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-109WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-119 copyWEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-122WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-131WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-137WEBChristina-Borrego-PalomaLisaPhotography-145

Here’s a few of Christina and Janelle (who I’ll be blogging next) in our new favorite abandoned shack! The 3 of us woke up at sunrise together to wander around and shoot, so since they were both camera ready, of course I had to get a couple of them together! Beauties, I tell ya!


Check back tomorrow for Janelle’s photos!

PS: Thanks to my friend Gretchen for sending me with loads of beautiful clothes to use! The girls loved them!XO

Tiny Travels // La Jolla

If you have littles of your own, or have ever taken care of someone else’s precious ones, you know that venturing out on the town with them can be a challenge! But my new friends Chrissy Powers and Isobel from Bel&Beau just started a sweet new blog series called “Tiny Travels” to share fun outings that are kid friendly! I got to photograph the first installment of this fun series that took us around La Jolla to a few cool spots that their boys all LOVED! Check out both of their posts for the photos, a sweet video by Juice Box Media, and a great giveaway!

Here’s a link to Chrissy’s post:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.13.18 AM.png


And a link to Isobel’s post:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.28.13 AM